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This website provides an opportunity for community members to learn about  our vision for COURTYARD 33 – OUR proposed mixed-use multi-residential development in Marda LooP.


Who We Are


Our Philosophy

“Fit where you live” is about finding balance. We all want to get more out of our lives, and for some, that means less time for commuting and more time for living. It means appreciating the simple elegance of Modern wherein less is more – this is the embodiment of sustainability. We value quality craftsmanship, and believe we can fit that in too. We build homes for people who understand the joys of walking around the corner for groceries, a fresh coffee, and amazing local meals. We build for people who love the vibrant mix of the inner-city. 

At RNDSQR the emphasis is on living and on connecting, and we aim to create spaces where people can make it all fit.

Courtyard 33


This website was created by RNDSQR and the project team to outline a redevelopment vision for an assembly of lands at 2240, 2236, 2232 - 33 Avenue SW. The site is located within the neighbourhood of Richmond /Knob Hill, and is included in both the Marda Loop Area Redevelopment Plan and the Marda Loop Business Revitalization Zone.

The website and the project team's Vision Brief  outline both the context and planning analysis that has informed the proposed development: Courtyard 33 — a Main Streets’ aligned, higher density, mixed-used project.




local area plan

Courtyard 33 is located within the Marda Loop Area Redevelopment Plan, approved by City Council in 2014. This Plan provides the policy framework that aligns with city-wide objectives to accommodate a portion of growth within developed areas and along mixed-use corridors. Marda Loop is envisioned to develop with a complementary blend of commercial and residential development, all the while ensuring a sensitive transition to the adjacent residential streets, and a high standard of urban design for the area.

routeahead primary transit network

Courtyard 33 is situated along two major Primary Transit Network corridors, 33 Avenue and Crowchild Trail. These corridors provide the community with daily high frequency public transit with a frequency of every 10 minutes or less, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the site is located within quick walking-distance (400m or a 5 minute walk) to a planned Southwest BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) station, providing fast, reliable connections to major city-wide destinations.

main streets

Courtyard 33 is located along 33 Avenue SW,  one of The City-identified “YYC Main Streets”. Classified as Neighbourhood Corridors by the Municipal Development Plan, Main Streets are active corridors that attract Calgarians to socialize, work, live, shop, dine, and celebrate. These streets also act as important transportation routes for those who walk, cycle, drive or use transit. The City encourages population and job growth around these corridors.


Design Principles



Develop a public space with unique and inviting social spaces for local residents and visitors to gather, socialize and strengthen community ties.


Design an iconic "building-as-public-art" piece that acts as a ‘Gateway’ to Marda Loop and promotes the area’s unique sense of place; built to last with high-quality materials.


Promote site and building design that creates an inviting pedestrian friendly streetscape, with a permeable building interface, street-level shopping opportunities, and enhanced public realm street edge.


Consider surrounding neighbours and create scale-sensitive transitions by integrating building “stepbacks” that follow approved city-wide and local area plan policies.


Continue to build on city-wide objectives to accommodate a portion of population growth within developed areas and enhance the livability of mixed-use corridors by providing a greater diversity of housing options, commercial destinations and community spaces.


Building Anatomy

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Human-scaled building and sensitive transitions respect the scale and character of the adjacent neighbourhood.

World-class architecture and design contributes to strong neighbourhood character and sense of place.

Blend of commercial and residential development promotes the livability of the area.

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retail component

Commercial frontage on 22nd Street and 33rd Avenue SW provide visual interest and activity at the street-level. 

Commercial frontage extends to the courtyard level, activating the interior publicly accessible open space. 

Parking is thoughtfully located underground, with access via the rear lane. 

17.12.17 PUBLIC.png

public space component

Courtyard space functions as the ‘urban living-room’ where connections can be made and neighbourhood life can thrive. 

Comfortable and inviting outdoor space at the street-level improves the pedestrian experience and encourages walking.

Porous design contributes to legible public access and enhanced connectivity with the building's laneway micro-retail units and the greater pedestrian network.

17.12.17 RESIDENTIAL.png

residential component

A variety of one and two-bedroom units provides greater housing diversity and density within the neighbourhood. 

Natural surveillance via street-facing and courtyard units promotes a sense of both comfort and security for pedestrians. 

The building strategically locates new residential units along an amenity rich, transit supported, walkable Main Street. 


Project at-a-glance



May 2018 UPdate

From August 2017 through to March 2018 we heard from a variety of stakeholders. RNDSQR and the project team would like to thank all participants for getting involved, sharing their thoughts, and helping inform the decision-making process. Vision Brief 5.0, the most fulsome reflection of the Courtyard 33 vision and up-to-date Land Use proposal, including our What We Heard Report, is now available in the link above.

The project team recognizes the subject lands are a very important and strategic location in the community compelling exceptional architecture and urban design consideration. In response to expressed stakeholder interest in the certainty of a high-quality development outcome in-line with our proposal for greater building height than contemplated in the Area Redevelopment Plan, the application has been updated to reflect a proposed land use change to a Direct Control District – a Council approved land use with a custom set of rules and uses specific to the site. This is an approach that a number of key stakeholders have advocated for, offering genuine certainty that the land use is tied to the high quality public contributions and architecture that mark this application. This means the Courtyard 33 development plans are proposed as a permitted use within the Direct Control land use and the maximum proposed building height would be contingent on substantial conformance with these pre-approved plans, mitigating the risk that this is a precedent that can be achieved without high design merit.  

Please stay up to date for opportunities to participate at the upcoming public hearing. Visit the City of Calgary Planning & Development map: https://developmentmap.calgary.ca/#property/LOC2017-0391 or contact the City of Calgary File Manager: Desmond.Bliek@calgary.ca


There are no upcoming events at this time. Please see below for an overview of the engagement process and timeline, which has been on-going since July 2017.

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Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on Courtyard 33. This feedback form is now closed. A final What we Heard Report from the online and in-person facilitated engagement process is now available. If you have project related enquiries, please contact the planning team lead David White at: